January 1st Is The First Page Of a 365 Page Book. Write A Good One!

2016 book

Start the year out with a positive page!

To all of my Family, Friends, Clients and loyal Readers I wish you well in the New Year! I wish you all a fresh start. You have 365 new days, 365 new chances. I wish you a productive road ahead along with good health, happiness and joy.   Feel the start of something new!  Start the year 2016 with gumption.  [Click to Tweet] I hope you have learned enough from years past to give to the years to come.  I urge you to take some time to sit down and make a plan for the year(s) to come.  Take time to think about what is important to you and what will help you achieve an extraordinary life and bring out the best in you. Develop a goal driven, passion driven plan.  Make small daily goals that will lead to your bigger goals.  Start each day with intention and focus on accomplishing your goals step by step, day by day.
Below are some tips to not only help you get started writing but to also stick with the plot:
  1. Most importantly, BELIEVE in yourself! If you don’t believe you can accomplish your goals, you probably won’t.
  2. Consider what is most important to you. What are your priorities? Think about where you want to be in the next year and the next 5 years.  What would you like to accomplish?  What would you like to cross off your bucket list?
  3. Start with a few specific, realistic and attainable goals. Break them down if need be.  If you are trying to save for that dream vacation think about a realistic amount to set aside each pay or month.  Setting unattainable goals will only set you up for failure so it is very important to be realistic.
  4. Write down your goals and keep them in a place that you will see them often. The more you see your goals the more motivating they will become.
  5. Do something every day to work towards meeting your long-term goals even if it is just daydreaming.
  6. Take time at the end of each month to review your goals. Take pride in those that have been crossed off your list.
  7. Finally, never, ever give up! If you don’t do very well the first time around, tomorrow is a new day, a new chance to begin again.  You can always start a new chapter.
Although no one can go back and make a brand new start anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending – Carl Bard
Be aware of the progress you are making each day but be sure to take it easy on yourself if things don’t go as well as planed or if maybe you lose sight of the larger goal. Remember, you can find happiness at any stage of the process if you only slow down and let it catch up to you. [Click to Tweet]
As for me, I continue to strive to live an intentional life.  I will start this year by writing down my goals.  I personally need something to motivate me, to give me purpose and to help me keep focused on  throughout the New Year.  I will also take it easy on myself, knowing that sometimes I will achieve my goals and sometimes I won’t.  But I am a firm believer in setting goals and having an action plan. Without a plan I will not know where to begin my story.
I hope by next year that you surprise yourself by all that you accomplish. I hope you set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed each morning.  This year is yours.  2016 is your chance to write your story!
Joy Vale
January 10, 2016
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How Changing Careers Changed My Life

2c606e031c49e55dde4fb038d085d33dI am the President of Functional Endocrinology of Ohio (FEO) and I thought I’d write our first blog post. Because the goal of this blog is to be informative, entertaining and inspirational, I want to write about my personal story in hopes that it will inspire you.  It is never too late to make a change in your life and there are NO boundaries.

I am an attorney, or at least that was how I identified myself, until 2010.  So many of us identify ourselves by our careers, education, or training.    That’s not a bad thing if you are passionate about your career.  I was not.  I went through the motions doing what a lawyer should do (good law school, federal judicial clerkship, good law firm, etc.).  I had an amazing daughter, nice house, nice car and nice clothes.  My family and friends were proud of me and respected me for all that I had accomplished.  But I was not fulfilled.    I went to work every day without a purpose – except to maintain the persona that I had created.  I was also dealing with some health issues, which in this case was a blessing because of the evolution my life would take as I attempted to resolve them.

In 2009, I met Dr. Keith Ungar.  He is one of the fortunate few who knew what he wanted to do with his life from the age of 8 and has been passionately pursuing his goals ever since.  Dr. Ungar is a functional medicine practitioner (more on functional medicine in another blog post).  As he helped me address my health issues in a way no other doctor ever had, I watched him, his staff, and his patients doggedly pursue their personal, professional and health goals with a determination that I had only seen from my Bernese Mountain Dog, Monty, when he was trying to find the “perfect” snow pile on which to take his nap.  And they were achieving their goals!  They were healthy, joyful people who happily came to work or their doctor’s office  knowing that they were in the right place for the right reason for them.  I wanted that.

As I went through the process of getting well (which I did), I realized that just “moving through the process” was what I was already doing.  I needed to be engaged in the process.  But how?  I started reading books, going to seminars, and talking to those that had achieved similar goals.   I went full throttle into figuring out how to live my life with passion, purpose and joy.   I set my mind on these goals and knew that opportunities would present themselves, which would allow me to live the life I should live.

And, that is how FEO was born.  Dr. Ungar, a passionate and brilliant health practitioner, needed an equally passionate person to help him introduce his brand of functional medicine to the world, starting in Northern Ohio. I quit practicing law and jumped right in!  I knew in my heart that this was what I should do.  Did my family and friends question it?  Of course.  Did I sometimes question it myself?  Rarely.   Now I am one of those people who come to work everyday with joy and purpose.  What a blessing.

We all have our own journeys to take.  This is mine (so far).


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