5 Tips for Pow-Wow Happiness

5 TIPS FOR POW WOW HAPPINESS | Functional Endocrinology of Ohio

Get busy being happy, or get out of the way.

I recently attended an Indian Pow Wow and while browsing through the arts and crafts I came across a burden basket, which is a combination of a dream catcher and a basket intertwined with decorations of different colored beads and a variety of feathers.   The Cherokee people believe you should not bring your burdens into their homes and while you are a guest you are at ease and carefree.  The basket hangs on the front door and your guest would symbolically place their burdens aside and enjoy the warm spirit that their host had to offer while visiting with them.   It is small reminders that help set the tone for me sometimes and I hope by sharing this short story it will do the same for you.

People study the science of happiness and share it in a variety of blogs and studies published on the Internet.  Trained professionals like psychologists and life coaches dedicate their lives to making people achieve a greater state of happiness.  The brain is an amazing organ that can bring us great joy and laughter into our lives or also create great sorrow and tears.  The universal hope is that we can all achieve a greater state of inner peace and we all have our own quirky little ways of doing so.  I have outlined 5 basic reminders of things to help with putting your mind and body at ease as another constant reminder that we were designed to be happy.

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3 Ways To Make Meditation Part of Your Morning Routine

Meditation   Meditation Can Actually Create More Time in Your Day 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have just a few more hours in your day?  Time to spend with your family and friends?   Time to get to the gym (like you’ve been wanting to do for months)?  Time to do that remodeling project that’s been hanging over your head.  Time to read that book that’s been on your nightstand long enough to collect dust?  Or, just time to catch a few more zzzzz’s or watch the latest episode of House of Cards?  Can you really create time?

Recently, I attended a seminar hosted by Dr. Joe Dispenza, the author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, and several other books.  Friends who had read all of his books and been to his seminars recommended Dr. Dispenza.  Have you ever known someone who is so full of joy and positive energy that you want to just be in the same room with them in hopes of absorbing even a fraction of it?  My friends who recommended Dr. Dispenza are those kind of people. So, of course, I logged on to Amazon.com immediately, ordered Dr. Dispenza’s book and read it in 2 days.[1]   Dr. Dispenza’s story is remarkable but this is not an article about him or his book – just the power of what he (and others) teach.  Mindfulness and being present was not a foreign concept to me but the science behind meditation and quantum thinking as taught by Dr. Dispenza really appealed to my analytical mind.  It also fit well with what I know from a scientific standpoint from working in a doctor’s office.  I had meditated for about 2 months before attending the seminar and at the end of the seminar weekend, I knew I had found something that could change my life.

First, I’d like to clear up a few misconceptions about meditation – that it’s only done by artsy types whose wardrobe consists of lots of flowy clothing and who are flexible enough to sit Indian-style on the floor for hours.  People from every walk of life meditate.  From famous actors[2] to business executives like Oprah Winfrey, Rupert Murdoch (Chairman and CEO of Newscorp), and Bill Ford (Chairman of Ford Motor).[3]  Even “regular” people experience the benefits of meditation, like fireman, police officers and soccer moms.[4]  Recently, the benefits of and science behind meditation hit the news and social media when Dan Harris of ABC News made public how meditation changed his life. [5]  Moreover, you can meditate sitting upright in any type of clothing!  I admit though that my PJs are my favorite meditation “outfit.”  There are lots of other myths about meditation you can read about here.[6]

One of the biggest objections people have about starting a meditation routine is the same objection that pops up about lots of things that will improve our lives, like exercising, eating right, reading more, etc.  I don’t have time!  I get it and I’m guilty of making that exclamation about meditation and lots of other things.  But what I found out is that meditation creates more time than it takes.   How?

  • Meditation reduces pain, accelerates cognition, and sharpens your concentration.[7] (Click to Tweet) How much more time would you have if you had improved productivity because you had less pain, understood more and were super focused and able to concentrate? Meditation actually changes your brain structure!  In fact, every time you redirect your thoughts from where they may have strayed back to the where they should be (your breath or wherever a directed meditation might suggest), you are improving your brain’s plasticity.[8]
  • Meditation reduces stress. (Click to Tweet)  How much more time would you have with a sufficient reduction in stress levels to make every minute more efficient?[9]
  • Meditation enhances your creativity.[10]  Click to Tweet) How much more time would you have if you could quickly and creatively solve life’s little (or big) problems?Meditation increases energy. How much time would you have if you could buzz between tasks with limitless energy?

It makes sense, then, that if you meditate in the morning, you can draw on all of that “power” throughout the day!  So, how do you fit this into your routine?

  1. It’s been established that you now have more time because you are more efficient, productive and energetic. Voila!
  1. Buy yourself a good set of headphones, find a good guided meditation[11] and start with 15 minutes before anyone gets up. It’s your “you” time.  Believe me, your family will be more than happy to leave you alone when they meet the new focused, energetic and joyful you!  As Dr. Joe Dispenza says in his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, “if you want to make changes you need to change what you are doing.” (Click to Tweet)

3. Prepare your mediation site the night before. Put your headphones and media player by your favorite chair. Wear your pajamas, don’t brush your teeth or wash your face. Just get up, make your way to your chair, put in the headphones, press play and get ready for an awesome start to your day.

I hope this article will help you to understand the benefits of meditation and how to fit it into your morning schedule.  I will be attending Dr. Dispenza’s Advanced Seminar in the end of this month. I am so excited to see how I can take my meditation to the next level and create the life I want.   I’ll be back to share what I learned.

So, besides meditating, what are you going to do with all the time you have created?

Caroline Boardman
February 22, 2016

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[1] The book also has some exercises that take about 4 weeks to do.  I highly recommend doing them exactly as suggested.
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One Tool Can Help You Enjoy Every Holiday Moment!

Holiday Meditation

Meditate Your Way The Best Holiday Ever!

You have too much to do, too many people to see, and your budget is tight during the holidays.  All of these worries have the potential to deprive you of any joy.  Don’t let it happen.  Mediation offers many rewards.  Click here to read my earlier post about the benefits of meditation.  Meditation is powerful.  Recently, one of San Francisco’s toughest schools was transformed by meditation.  Click here to read about it.  Meditation can change your brain.   A recent Harvard MRI study proved that meditation literally rebuilds the brain’s gray matter in 8 weeks!

The most beneficial result of regular meditation, especially during stressful busy times, is that it can help you to enjoy the present moment, your family and friends and all the beautiful things about this season. [Click to Tweet]  This means that no matter how busy you are, how much you have to do, or how worried you are about your bank account, you will be able to see some joy in almost every moment this holiday season.

Have you tried to meditate and just didn’t feel like you were doing it “right?”  Or, did you mentally run through your to-do list or think about your aching back, or the argument you just had with your spouse/kids?  I am analytical by nature and by training (as a lawyer) so I know how hard it is to quiet the mind and live in the present.  It was easy for me, in the beginning, to get frustrated.   I attended meditation seminars, read books, listen to guided meditation and meditated at least 6 times per week and still I felt like I was fighting with my brain to just “be quiet.”  In my earlier blog, I referenced Dr. Joe Dispenza, the doctor who trained me to meditate.  Dr. Dispenza teaches a concept that changed the way I thought about “learning” to meditate.  What follows is not exactly the way Dr. Joe teaches it.  It is how I took his concept to help me in my meditation.  So here it is:

Meditation tree

This is the meditation tree.  This is not an official name but just a way for you to remember the concept you are about to learn.  The roots are your anchor.  No matter “where” you go during your meditation, they will hold you firmly in place so you are not nervous or afraid.  The trunk is your body.  The branches are the various dimensions of your self, your life and personality that you need to “get past” during your mediation so that you can live in the present unburdened by all that “stuff.” The more you are able to do this, the faster you will be able to do it.   Faster is better because when you are in that stressful situation, you can draw upon your training quickly to react by appreciating the situation, and not letting it drag you down.

Some of the branches that are in the tree ready to keep you trapped are:

  • Your Past
  • Your Future
  • Time
  • The Environment
  • Your Body

At the center of the tree is your true self and it is absent of these thoughts. This is the place every meditator wants to reach because there, you are free, joyful, limitless and living in the present.

All of the above is background for the value I found in this concept.  Here it is – learning to meditate is a process!  Some days you go back and forth in the outer branches never getting deep in the brush.  Other days, you dive down deep, only to pop out really quickly. Some days you fall down deep and pop back up over and over.  Then —- there are the days when you fall deep into the tree and hang out for a while.  The more you meditate, the easier it is to “drop in” and stay there.  And, as I mentioned above, the more you practice, the more you will be able to draw upon this skill when you need it to help you live and love in the present moment.

So, you see, there is no competitionThere is no right way or wrong way to meditate. [Click to Tweet] As long as you are hanging out in the branches, you are accomplishing something.  Recently, I saw this graphic on Facebook and I think it sums up what regular meditation will enable you to do.

Butterfly mediation

So, close your eyes for a time each day and swing through the branches.  The result: enjoying every minute of your holidays and beyond!

Have you tried meditating?  What was your biggest challenge?

Caroline Boardman
December 6, 2015


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