10 Reasons To Turn Your Body Upside Down Every Day!

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Act Like a Kid and Go Upside Down – Your Body Will Love It!

Did you know that Hippocrates use inversion exercises dating all the way back to 400 B.C.? Chiropractor Dr. Robert Martin introduced inversion therapies to America by in the 1960’s. Inversion is any activity done upside down to stretch and lengthen the spine. [2] It is mainly used to providing pain relief and reduce stress from a person’s back and neck. [2] Some inversion exercises include specific yoga poses, some Pilate’s moves and inversion therapies performed with gravity-defying machines such as inversion tables and chairs.

I use to attend a breathing and meditation yoga class every week. During this class I noticed the instructor would make a point of having us do at least one inverted or upside-down position. After class one day I asked her if there was a meaning behind this. The instructor went told me about how healthy it was for your heart and mind to almost “reset” the blood that is circulating in your body. It peaked my interest so I looked into the benefits of going inverted and wanted to share them with you.

Ten Great Reasons to Invert Yourself

1.) Relieves spinal pressure by increases the space between individual vertebrae and lengthening the spine. This helps reverse the compressing effects of running, jumping, sitting, and standing

2.) Strengthens your ligaments to help prevent bones accidentally breaking. [3]

3.) Improve circulation in the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. [1]

4.) Increased blood flow moves metabolic waste such as lactic acid out of tissue more efficiently. This helps detox the body and strengths your immune system. [Click The Link to Tweet] [2]

5.) Increase blood circulation to the brain which gives brain cells more oxygen. This increased blood flow helps improve memory, concentration, and awareness. [2] Inversion may also be helpful with recovering from traumatic brain injuries (ask your doctor before trying).

6.) Reversing gravity rushes nutrients and oxygen to your face which removes toxicity including acne. [Click the Link To Tweet] It also stimulates your facial capillaries and hair follicles.

7.) It will make you happier!  Inversion flushes your adrenal glands causing them to release neurotransmitters and endorphins which make you feel happy. [Click Link to Tweet] These happy hormones can help counteract depression, mood swings and seasonal affective disorder. [2]  Upside Down Smiley Face

8.) It also helps reduce anxiety and anxiousness by stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system, which produces feelings of relaxation and calmness.

9.) Helps move along the digestion process in your colon and can help relieve forms of indigestion.

10.) Relieves muscle tension for a better night sleep. A study conducted by LJ Nose showed muscle tension declined by more than 35 percent within 10 seconds of inverting. [2]

Different Ways to Invert Yourself

  • Yoga poses that involve any movement where your legs are over your head or your head is pointing downward.
    • Downward facing dog             Yoga Pose 10
    • Supported shoulder-stand
    • Supported head stand
    • Plow pose (advanced yogis only)
  • Using an inversion table, bar, or chair
  • Doing a Handstand

*PLEASE READ: “Inversion exercises have been found to increase both blood pressure and pressure behind the eye in healthy people. Because of these findings, inversion therapy is not recommended for those with high blood pressure, glaucoma or spinal instability and patients taking anticoagulants or aspirin therapy. Inversion therapy is also not recommended for pregnant women, stroke patients, and those with detached retinas. Seek the advice of a qualified health professional before beginning any program involving inversion exercise.” 2.

I hope you found this information useful and interesting. Please share below any inverted exercises you practice and how they have helped your life.

Missty L. Klinger
March 9, 2016


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Do You Really Need to Soak Your Nuts? Yes!

Soaking Nuts

What’s The Deal With Soaking Your Nuts?  Phytic Acid – That’s What!

Unless you suffer from a nut or seed allergy most of us have enjoyed the crunchy sensation when biting into our favorite nuts or seeds.  What you might not have known until reading this blog is that you need to take an extra step before biting into those delicious snacks to optimize the nutritional potential they hold.  And you might ask what is that step!  That’s right soaking your nuts.  I must admit I do not always soak my nuts but each day strive to make healthier decisions for me and my family and you can often find soaked nuts in my refrigerator as a healthy snack.  I was first exposed to so many things in Chiropractic school and soaking my nuts and seeds was one of those memorable experiences.  I remember a long bus ride to Texas with a bunch of my rugby mates to play a match and one of the Australians passing a bag of seasoned and soaked almonds.  The consistency was so different in anything I had ever tried that it will be one of those things that I may remember forever.

If you have never tried soaking your nuts and seeds, then you should try it!!  How else are you going to stimulate new neurons in the brain if you do not try something new?  You’ll notice that soaked walnuts do not have that astringent, mouth-puckering taste to them. This is because when soaking walnuts, the tannins rinse away, leaving behind a softer, more buttery nut. The soak water from nuts and seeds should always be discarded and never used as water in a recipe.[1]

The website Whole Lifestyle Nutrition asks the question, “Is it necessary to soak your nuts?”  The answer is “absolutely” they go on to explain.[2]  Nuts have phytic acid.  Phytic acid is also found in grains and legumes.  Just as with grains and legumes, soaking nuts is essential for proper digestions.  When eating nuts that haven’t been soaked, the phytic acid binds to minerals in the gastrointestinal tract and cannot be absorbed in the intestine. [Click to Tweet]  To many, bound minerals can lead to mineral deficiencies.  By soaking, you are breaking down the phytic acid so it is absorbed properly.  Nuts also have high amounts of enzymes inhibitors.  This is another reason why un-soaked nuts are hard to digest.  Soaking nuts neutralizes the enzymes allowing for proper digestion.[3]

As a functional medicine doctor, I often discuss nuts with my patients in relation to digestive health.  I have heard many explanations of why not to eat nuts and seeds that state they are bad for the gut. None of the arguments have convinced me at this point.  I will recommend those who come into the office with gastrointestinal inflammation, that soaking their nuts is a piece in the puzzle that helps allow their digestive system to recover to optimal function.  I might even have some people avoid nuts completely for a period as I have seen gastrointestinal markers improve when people do avoid nuts temporarily.  The Paleo Mom has a great article on her investigation into the topic of nuts and why they are or are not good for your gut.  She says “the science is lacking,”[4]  which I agree and will continue to investigate further as the subject is addressed further.

Hopefully at this point, the idea of soaking your nuts not only makes you think differently about the foods you are eating but also may inspire you to try new ideas with nuts such as making your own nut milk.  I recently tried making almond milk and what a hit!!  So next time you’re munching on some crunchy nuts, save some and soak a handful if you’ve never tried it!

Dr. Andrew Kender, D.C.
October 7, 2015


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