Your Gut is Like a Smelly Drain? What Ordinary Things Can Tell You About Your Gut Health.


The gut is the most ignored system in health-care! It is a source for all sorts of health ailments. For example depression, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disease, fatigue, and migraine, just to name a few. Your gut houses about 90 percent of your immune system so, of course, it’s the area that needs the most protection. Think about all those microorganisms that we consume with food. When things go bad with the gut, it doesn’t always translate into pain. Bloated StomachBecause our health care system focuses on symptoms, gut health is often ignored.  Even when the gut is a focus, your doctor is most likely going to give you something to mask the symptoms instead of fixing the cause of the gut dysfunction.

Let’s use the analogy of the plumbing in your body being like the plumbing in your house. Just like the plumbing in your house, sometimes things do not flow right, rot or backing up. The same is true with your human plumbing.  Here are a few examples of  the traditional health care approach to gut dysfunction.

Bad breath:

Bad Breath

If you started to smell an unpleasant odor leaking up through your drain, you would want to know what’s causing it right?! You wouldn’t just put a bunch of scented odor fresheners in your kitchen or bath to cover things up, would you?  Well, how many people just grab a breath mint instead of asking themselves if they should avoid the food that is causing the issue. Maybe you are not digesting food properly?  Maybe you should drink more water? The odor is caused by bacteria in the mouth, but often it’s coming up from your gut.

Heart burn:


Heartburn gives us a burning feeling but it’s not caused by too much acid in our stomach. Instead, it is because of a lack of acid in our stomach. A lack of stomach acid will cause food to stay partially undigested so the muscle that helps keep food down does not get the message to close. This also causes the contents of your stomach to putrefy.

Coating on your tongue:

That white stuff on your tongue is also coming up from your gut! All those germs don’t just grow in your mouth; they grow all the way through your GI tract. You obviously can only see it when it comes up. So, despite what someone might have said to you, brushing your tongue is not going to help get rid of it. Otherwise, it would have disappeared after your brushing.

Taste that rotten food in your stomach: Rotten Food in Stomach

In some places, they have a sensor to detect when pipes are working.  Your stomach has sensors in it as well.  One of them is a taste receptor, like what is in your mouth. How do we know this? Scientists conducted a study after they heard reports from people who were being fed through a tube in their stomach that they could taste it. Just think – if your stomach is holding garbage and not digesting it properly, you’re tasting it all day long. YUCK!

Swollen tongue and digestive tract:

We can’t really compare swelling tissue to a metal pipe, but now that you have the concept of all this build up and junk rotting in your GI track, I’m sure you can picture what that is going to do to your tissues. Correct! They swell up and so does your tongue. If you are one of those people who always feel their teeth poking are rubbing against your tongue you might want to get your gut checked out.

If you are still reading after all this unpleasant information and would like to learn how to fix these problems instead of covering them up, find a good functional medicine doctor who can help you get to the cause of the problem(s).



Dr. David R.A. Hardy, DC, DACNB, FABBIR
September 13, 2017

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