To Ferment or Not to Ferment – That is the Question. Trust Your Gut!


4 Reasons You Should Be Eating

Fermented Foods Every Day

Dr. Ungar teaches that our stomach or gut (small intestines, large intestines and colon) is where the immune system lives. There is a large amount of bacteria in there – both good and bad.  Fermented foods help replace the good bacteria that we may lose due to age, obesity, poor diet, antibiotics and other prescription drugs. [Click to Tweet]
With all the diseases that affect our gut (IBS, Crohn’s, IBS and Celiac’s) it is preferable to eat fermented foods for good gut health.  Pickled and fermented foods are different.  Pickled foods do not contain live cultures. Fermented foods are refrigerated and are labeled as containing live organisms or cultures.  They also expire.  Look for the date when buying them.
How does eating fermented foods promote good gut health? The good bacteria in the fermented foods helps move food along the tract.  It teams up with the other bacteria and helps to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat.  For example when I was a young child I could eat cereal and milk without any problems.  Now, I can’t have any dairy without the bloating and/or gas. Overtime I have lost bacteria and am unable to absorb the milk sugar.  But, if I eat cottage cheese or raw yogurt, I don’t have any problems because they are fermented!!
Some of the important health benefits of fermentation:
  1. “Fermentation is the only type of preparation of foods that cannot destroy certain nutrients, will create[] more nutrients and enhance[] others.
  2. It removes toxins and harmful bacteria found in many foods. It will improve your digestion, especially when consumed before your meal and also allows for your nutrients to be absorbed properly.
  3. It aids in the preservation and creation of important enzymes.
  4. Fermentation is a huge supporter to your immune function. [Click to Tweet] It increases your B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, digestive enzymes, lactase and lactic acid that fight off harmful bacteria.”[1]
“The most popular foods you can easily find in your local, organic, natural food store or farmer’s market include: raw sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kefir (from cow, goat, or coconut milk), cheeses, pickles, olives, beer, wine, and raw cacao.”[2]
You can make many of these things yourself.  Click below for some great kombucha, sauerkraut, and kefir recipes:

Do you have a fermented food recipe you would like to share?

Nikki Williams
October 21, 2015

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[2] Id.

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