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pillars of health

Pillars of Health – What are Yours?

The pillars of health are a topic I was first introduced to me while in Chiropractic school.   I can’t even remember which author inspired the lecture I attended but it made me think about health in a different fashion.  Since then I often have to ground myself in concepts of the pillars and whether I am creating a structurally sound montage of health.

So what are the pillars of health?  It depends upon to whom you are talking.  The pillars of health are a guideline or philosophy to use in your everyday life to prioritize different aspects of health.  I have seen pillars of health anywhere from 5 pillars up to 10 pillars.  I’m quite sure there is someone else out there who has a number greater than 10 pillars; I just have not come across it.

Cameron Diaz in her most recent publication called Longevity Book talks about her pillars that have helped her succeed in aging well.  She lists her pillars as, “good nutrition, good body movement, good night’s sleep, stress, release, and meaningful, connected and loving relationships.”(1)  I recently saw her on Good Morning America and it was a little reminder I needed to ground myself back to the idea of my pillars of health and help my patients do the same.  I was able to recalculate and get motivated in some of the areas that I was lacking and make adjustments to correct and make my personal pillars stronger.

Dr. Andrew Weil explains his pillars of health as eating right, physical activity, normalizing stress, social connectivity, and spiritual well-being. (2)  He has a slight difference with emphasis on spiritual well-being, which plays a strong role in many people’s lives through expression of religion.

When you actually sit down and look at all the different explanations of the pillars of health, you begin to see that they all embody key concepts that deal with the very things that we all should be doing each and every day.  It is not my intention to try and reinvent the wheel and give you what I feel are the pillars of health but give you a list of things on which to focus to make sure you have the wisdom to build a temple supported by strong pillars.

  1. Understand the Concept of The Pillars of Health:  After reading this blog, you should have a general understanding of what they are.
  2. Review different authors’ pillars of Health:  Everybody explains things differently.  Review the world-wide web for various authors to become inspired and see upon what others are putting their focus.
  3. Create Your Own Pillars of Health:  Once you have established the key values in your life, write them down and remember it.
  4. Follow through:  Don’t waste your time if you aren’t going to follow through.  This is the most important because there is no sense in talking about it if you’re not going to be about it.
  5. Always Remember:  If you fall off the wagon or lose your sense of direction, it’s never to late to get back on track.  Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is the present and that’s why it is a gift-Unknown

So next time you hear someone speaking about the Pillars of Health, you can have a more detailed conversation about what it is you do and how you work on building your temple with strong pillars.  Don’t get caught in the rain.

God Bless,

Dr. Andrew Kender III, D.C.
April 17, 2016

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