4 Ingredients You Do Not Want In Your Toothpaste!

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Maybe This is Why It’s Called Tooth “Paste!”

1824 there was a dentist named Peabody that came up with the idea to put soap in his paste to clean his teeth.  Before that, people were trying to come up with all kinds of ways to clean their teeth.  Then, in 1854, a man named John Harris started adding chalk to his paste.    In 1874, Colgate stepped on the scene, putting toothpaste in jars, which eventually evolved into tube toothpaste based on a product called Crème Dentifrice. Flouride was added in the 1960’s.

So what’s in our toothpaste now?  Many name-brand toothpastes that are on the shelf have ingredients that studies have shown connected   to cancer, blindness, and death.  The main ingredient is sodium fluoride, some toothpastes have enough fluoride to kill a small child in hours.  If you grab your tube of toothpaste, there is a warning label saying “Keep out of reach of children under six years of age” and also, “If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.” That is what my Colgate tube says.

Dentists have told us that fluoride prevents cavities, but that is the only positive effect and it is outweighed by the negative. Sodium fluoride is the main ingredient in toothpaste and rat poison.  Sodium fluoride is also found in anesthetic drugs, psychiatric drugs, and has never been approved by the FDA.

The next ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate, the foaming that makes you think your teeth are really getting clean when really it’s the same ingredient foams engine cleaners and garage floor cleansers.  There are dyes as well FD&C blue no. 1 and yellow no.10. Finally, triclosan is a known pesticide.

  1.  FD&C blue dye No. 2. This dye is in many toothpastes, but the Center for Science in the Public Interest warns against it as it might be related to learning and behavioral issues, severe allergic reactions and other health problems.
  2. Sodium lauryl sulfate. The American College of Toxicology says it can cause skin corrosion, irritation and canker sores. In lab rats, the ingredient led to depression, diarrhea and death.
  3. Triclosan. The anti-microbial ingredient is a pesticide and is an ingredient in OTC toothpaste and hand soap.   The Environmental Protection Agency demanded more research be conducted because of triclosan’s negative effects on thyroid and estrogen levels.
  4. Saccharin and aspartame. Both are artificial sweeteners, and both made the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s list of additives to avoid. (1)

As we brush our teeth, we are not supposed to swallow the toothpaste, but these chemicals enter our system nonetheless every time we brush our teeth through our mucus lining, tissue, and as it trickles down the esophagus.  It is generally a good practice to read all labels on anything going in our mouth and on our skin, which both can absorb things and get into our bloodstream.

So, if you don’t want to use toothpaste with these ingredients, try coconut oil or baking sodas. There are also many natural toothpastes: Green People’s Spearmint and Aloe, Jack n Jill Organic Banana toothpaste, Lavera toothpaste, Aloe Dent triple action and Tom’s of Maine toothpaste.

Nikita Williams
January 27, 2016


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Source: http://www.newsusa.com/articles/article/toothpaste-ingredients-dentists-say-to-avoid.aspx


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