Fall, Football and Gluten Free Beer?


Is There Really a Gluten Free Beer that Tastes Like Beer?  Yes!

It’s that time of year – football season!  Here some ideas about how to cheer on your team if you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity.

By now everyone who has read my blogs knows that I am a HUGE Ohio State Buckeye fan. As such, Fall, which has always been my favorite season, is even better.   In my book, the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the Fall is in front of the TV (preferably outside) with a cold beer and other crazy fans, watching my Buckeyes take the field.   When I was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity a few years back, I thought my Saturdays would never be exactly the same again.  I was wrong.

There are gluten-free beers that taste like beer and many of them are found at your local sports bar.  Here are a few that I like that are readily available.

Redbridge  Redbridge.  Budweiser makes this beer and, a such, it is in almost every sports bar.  It tastes like a Budweiser – go figure!

Here are some other great options:

estrella-daura-326 glutenator-326 new-grist-beer-646 new-planet-raspberry-326

And my favorite (drum roll please) . . . Comes in 3 great brews: lager, pale ale and an IPA.  omission-lager-646

Here are some other great articles about gluten-free beer:





Check them out and Go Bucks!

Do you have a gluten-free beer that you love?

Caroline Boardman
October 14, 2015


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