Do You Get Hangry? Should Snacking Be Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle?

heres-why-snickers-purposely-misspelled-its-name-for-a-new-ad-campaign You’re Not You When Your Hungry, Grab a Snickers . . . NOT!

As babies, we ate every 2-3 hours, which made for a happy baby.  As adults, it is also important to feed ourselves every 2-3 hours.  There are multiple reasons to do so. Some people practice this behavior for weight loss and to speed up metabolism and others realize that they need to eat this way to keep up a healthy blood sugar. Some people believe skipping meals helps them to lose weight.  In our office, we have found this not be true because when you finally get to eat food they either eat too much or make bad food choices – eating anything within reach. Also sugar sadness sets in, some call it hangry (hungry and angry combined)!  The Snickers Effect! But, sorry – eating a Snickers is not the answer!
Eating every 2-3 hours maintains your blood sugar throughout the day unlike the drops in blood sugar levels between three meal times.  No, you don’t have to have a three course meal every 2-3 hours. A small snack every 2-3 hours can boost your energy. [Click To Tweet]  Proteins and natural sugar (in moderation)[1] are a perfect source of energy for the body. Try some nuts – almonds, walnuts or pecans or fresh fruit.
Metabolism is how our body changes the food we eat to energy.  Some people have slow metabolism and others is fast.  Fast means it is easy for your body to get the nutrients out of the food and use it for energy. If it is slow then your body stores food instead of turning it into energy. Ladies – you know exactly where it gets stored – the thighs and stomach area!  So it seems that if you eat less you are putting a red light on your metabolism, and the more you eat puts a green light on your metabolism.  In our office, our doctors regularly teach our patients how they can change the speed of their metabolism.
I know you are wondering – how can a person really eat that many times a day? Read some of our other blog articles for healthy snack ideas:

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As for me, as soon as I get to work or get up, I eat something (breakfast) which gets the ball rolling.  The sooner you awake the sooner the eating starts – a nice snack say celery and almond butter or some eggs and turkey bacon…then lunch rolls around.  About 3ish I’m back at it – grazing up a storm.  That’s three times already that I have eaten. Next you just follow-up with a nice dinner around 6:30. You won’t need anything big because you have eaten all day. Finally, that healthy fruit salad for dessert and a few nuts right before bed and there you have it – six times!  You have maintained your blood sugar all day, your metabolism is at a green light and you are not hangry – mission accomplished!!
Do you have some healthy snack ideas that you would like to share?
Nikita Williams
September 27, 2015
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[1] If you are a diabetic or under a doctor’s care, talk to your doctor about what snacks are healthy for you.

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