I’m Not a Celebrity – Do I really Need to Detox My Body?

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Moving Thought Forward About Detoxification

Detoxification programs!  Do I have to drink some weird concoction or skip food altogether? Will I be living in the bathroom or sleeping my day away? Celebrities are always telling us that they keep healthy because of this detox or that detox.  But, do they really work?  Are they necessary for the “regular” person?
I have no doubt in my mind that detoxification methods absolutely work for the human body!!  WebMD states “…our bodies naturally detox every day.”[1]   As a Chiropractor, my clinical experience allows me to see first-hand the positive health impacts that come from detoxification on patients’ blood work and symptomatology. Positive long-lasting effects often stem from the detoxification process.  So, the question is not whether a detox will work but instead – what kind of detoxifying should I be doing?
Most people associate a detox with a colon cleanse where they essentially would be on stand-by for the latrine.    We must understand that there are many ways that the body detoxifies.   Exposing yourself to a variety of detoxification methods is important to living your days out on this earth with greater vigor and excitement for your daily tasks.  There is no doubt that we poison our bodies each day with a variety of toxins.  We experience toxicity in mental, chemical, and physical forms.  I personally believe you should focus on purging those negative build-ups as a regular part of maintaining your health.  After all, you change the oil on your car every 3-5K miles; do you ever clean the filters in your body? [Click to Tweet] It is worth considering new options for lifestyle management.
Dr. Oz mentions the major detoxifying organs on his popular TV show.  He says, “The kidneys are like the micromanagers of detoxification.”[2]   Other detoxifying organs are the lungs, skin, and colon.   Once you understand what actually detoxifies the body, it becomes more clear that one must consider the types of detoxification practices that are available.  If you are unsure whether a detoxification protocol is right for you, I recommend contacting a qualified functional medicine or holistic primary care physician for safe guidance.
What are some popular and effective methods to practice detoxification?  The website GAIAM offers 10 options for detoxification.[3]
  1. Eat plenty of fiber
  2. Cleanse the Liver
  3. Take vitamin C
  4. Drink more water
  5. Breathe deeply
  6. Transform stress
  7. Practice hydrotherapy
  8. Sweat
  9. Dry-brush your skin
  10. Exercise
There are also many good quality detoxification systems available from a doctor’s office that help detoxify the organs and balance your body’s chemistry.
In reality, your body is detoxifying right now!  But, the rate of detoxification varies by person, where they live, what they eat, etc.  Why not enhance the body’s natural detoxification process?  The refreshing idea is that after reading this blog, you now hold a greater innate potential to purify the mind, body, and spirit.
Everyday holds the potential for something greater than the day before.  Embracing the idea that we have capabilities to enhance our natural detoxification forces encourages us to continue to move forward and embrace optimal ideals and actions.   So next time you think of detoxifying, don’t wait. Embrace the innate potential you hold within! [Click to Tweet]
Tell us how you detoxify your body?
Dr. Andrew Kender
August 16, 2015
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[1] http://www.webmd.com/diet/detox-diets-cleansing-body?page=2
[2] http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/organs-detox-your-body
[3] http://life.gaiam.com/article/10-ways-detoxify-your-body


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