Should Your Summer Menus Include Corn-On-The-Cob?


A summer without corn on the cob?

Can it be done?

Is it Really Necessary?

Do you really need to skip the tasty treat that is so perfect with a little butter and some salt?  It’s such an easy vegetable to prepare and goes with everything from hamburgers to steak!  Plus, there are corn festivals all summer long! No one wants to hear that the corn you are eating may cause your health to get worse, but if it’s genetically modified (as most corn is), it probably is.  There is a big difference between genetically modified corn (GMO) and non-genetically modified corn (non-GMO).
“In genetic modification of food plants, scientists remove one or more genes from the DNA of another organism, such as a bacterium, virus, animal, or plant and ‘recombine’ them into the DNA of the plant they want to alter.”[1] They hope that the plant will then be more resistant to diseases. The main problem with this is that the scientists have no idea where the DNA will go.  It can interfere with the normal functioning of the other genes. Here are some of the crops that are genetically modified.
  1. Corn
  2. Soybeans
  3. Cotton
  4. Canola
  5. Sugar beets
  6. Alfalfa
  7. Papaya
  8. Yellow squash
  9. Zucchini
  10. Artic Apple
  11. Innate potato
For purpose of this article, I will be writing about corn specifically. Monsanto is the biggest company genetically modifying our foods. “Studies found that GM corn altered blood biochemistry, damaged organs, and caused potential effects on male fertility.”[2] Also GM corn toxin was found in the blood of pregnant women and in the fetuses as well. Id.
More and more people are selecting foods that have not been genetically modified as they are becoming more educated. Additionally, GMO foods have less nutritional value than Non-GMO foods.[3]  “A stunning report on GMO vs. Non-GMO corn posted on ‘Moms Across America’ clearly show[s] the nutritional value difference between GMO corn and Non-GMO corn.”[4] “The important thing to note in these deficiencies is that these are exactly the deficiencies in a human being that lead to susceptibility to sickness, disorders and cancer.”[5] This clearly demonstrates that the GMO corn is terrible compared to Non-GMO corn. This paper showed that non-GMO corn is 20 times richer in nutrition, energy, and protein than the GMO product.
Also, one has to ask the question when you are buying beef or pork, “what are those animals being fed and if they are being fed GM corn… then this is going to affect you. *** ‘Farmers are becoming more aware also,’ says Hosteler.  ‘Farmers are starting to see poor decomposition in soil, poor plant health, less yield, and animal health decline with GMO grains,’ he says.”[6]  I personally know a farmer that planted field corn for his cows. He wasn’t able to find Non-GMO field corn so he decided to plant what he could get. That season, all 40 of his bee hives died.  [Click to Tweet] The county investigated but found nothing. The only thing that changed is that this was the first time he had planted corn that was genetically modified. Now, if this doesn’t stop and make you wonder, I don’t know what will.
So heed this article…GM foods, and in this case, corn, is not good. There are so many farmers out there starting to plant non-GMO products, and yes, corn as well. There is now non-GMO corn in some stores as well. [Click to Tweet]  As a side note, my wife was shopping at Heinens’s the other day and saw they had non-GMO corn. There was a sign that said you could speak to the manager about the seeds and so she did. He informed her that all Heinen’s stores carry only non-GMO fruits and vegetables. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Watch how many other stores follow suit!
Eat well and healthy my friends,
Dr. David Starkey D.C.
July 8, 2015
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[2] Id.
[4] Id.
[5] Id.
Image: Care of


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