15 Gluten Free Flours You Need to Try!

Quick Guide to Gluten Free Flours

The health benefits of a gluten-free diet (for people sensitive to gluten) are well-established.  Baking and cooking gluten-free remains a challenge though because you can’t just substitute a gluten-free flour for wheat flour in every recipe.  Even more importantly, the difference in taste, texture, nutritional value and cooking properties are vast.  This article will give you basic information about all the GF flours out there so you can try them in your favorite recipe.
When my test results established that I am gluten sensitive, I was overwhelmed – at first!  One of the things that I found most overwhelming was baking.  The number of gluten-free flours alone is very daunting.  Here is a quick look at 15 gluten-free flours, their nutrition facts, and possible uses.

GF Flours

Name of flour
Nutrition Information
Common Uses
Sorghum Flour 1 cup = 15.4 gm protein,
102 gm carbs, 8.6 gm fiber
Has a sweet flavor, so use it primarily in spicy things (like gingerbread cookies, or spice brownies)
Buckwheat Flour 1 cup = 15.1 gm protein,
85 gm carbs, 12 gm fiber
Apple or pear muffins, banana bread, buckwheat pancakes
Amaranth flour 1 cup = 19.5 gm protein,89 gm carbs, 12.6 gm fiber Can add it in handfuls to crepes and quiche crusts. Amaranth has a grassy, earthy taste, so it works best in savory dishes, like pizza dough.
Quinoa flour 1 cup = 14.7 gm protein,77 gm carbs, 6.6 gm fiber Can use a little quinoa flour, in combination with other gluten-free flours, in something savory:cheddar-cheese biscuits; zucchini bread; or herb muffins. [Click To Tweet]
Teff flour 1 cup = 15.7 gm protein,94 gm carbs, 8.7 gm fiber Use as a substitute for sorghum or bean flours in gluten-free flour mixes.Use as a substitute for a portion of brown rice or white rice flours in recipes.Teff is a dark tan color and works well in recipes that call for chocolate.
Ground flax-seed 1 cup = 23.8 gm protein,38 gm carbs, 35.5 gm fiber Dinner rolls, pizza crust, granola
Almond flour/almond meal 1 cup = 23.6 gm protein,21 gm carbs, 14.7 gm fiber This and other nut flours, such as chestnut and hazelnut, macadamia and pistachio, add protein and vibrant taste to gluten-free baking.
Coconut flour 2 tbsp = 2 gm protein,8 gm carbs, 5 gm fiber. A suitable wheat flour substitute – Coconut flour requires about twice as much hydration as wheat.For wheat flour, you can substitute anywhere from 10 – 30% of regular flour for coconut flour. Best to use when a recipe calls for it.
Tapioca flour 1 cup = 0 protein,94 gm carbs, 0 fiber It gives baked goods a nice chewy texture. Try it in white bread or French bread recipes. It is also easily combined with cornstarch and soy flour.
Potato starch 1 tbsp = 0 protein,10 gm carbs, 0 fiber This is a gluten-free thickening agent that is perfect for cream-based soups and sauces.
Brown rice flour 1 cup = 11.4 gm protein,121 gm carbs, 7.3 gm fiber Use it in breads, muffins, and cookies.
White rice flour 1 cup = 9.4 gm protein,
127 gm carbs, 3.8 gm fiber
This is an excellent basic flour for gluten-free baking. [Click To Tweet] Because it has such a bland flavor, it is perfect for baking, as it doesn’t impart any flavors. It works well with other flours.
Bean flour 1 cup = 6gm – 32gm protein,18gm – 88gm carbs, 5 gm – 20gm fiber (depending on the type of bean Baking, thickening, dips, filling, crackers, pancakes, muffins, cookies, onion ring batter
Millet flour 1 cup = 12gm protein,
78gm carbs, 9gm fiber
Use as a substitute for sorghum or bean flours in gluten-free flour mixes.Use as a substitute for a portion of brown rice or white rice flours in recipes.Millet is a light golden-yellow color and makes creamy-colored baked goods.
Corn flour 1 cup = 10.6 gm protein,
86.9 gm carbs, 10.9 gm fiber
Buy some authentic masa harina (as Mexican cooks call it) and make your own corn tortillas. You can also try it in gluten-free cornbread.
Here is a simple all-purpose flour recipe [Click to Tweet] (mix together and keep in an air tight container):
  • 3 cups brown rice flour
  • 1 cup millet flour(if you can’t find or don’t want to use millet flour, substitute with brown or white rice flour instead)
  • 1 cup tapioca flour or starch
  • 1 cup potato starch (not flour)
I learned so much myself while writing this blog and I hope you will too!!
What is your favorite gluten-free flour combination?  How about your favorite gluten-free baking recipe?
Samantha Weber
June 7, 2015


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