11 Ways to Make Environmentally-Friendly Home Improvements

Environmentally Friendly Building Outside of my favorite hobby, chiropractic, I enjoy building things.  I have been interested in construction since I was a young boy building cabins with my Lincoln Log set to see how high I could build it without it falling over.  I am passionate about conservation of this earthly world which, draws me towards the topic of how construction has evolved to become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

I remember when I was in grade school that the idea of eco-friendly construction was just emerging.  The science may have always been there but the conscious effort of society to implement such practices really began to materialize.  Use of solar panels, LED lights, and green materials all became a reality in modern construction. Renewable resources are considered in many different avenues from turning saltwater into drinking water or even turning water into combustible energy.  It is exciting to see that we are progressing towards becoming more sustainable from a personal level to a global level.  It makes me proud of the human race when we spend our hard-earned money on trying to conserve the one and only earth that we have.

I recently did a small remodel in my house and some of the possibilities for products on the market these days is amazing!  Here are some great ideas for your next home improvement project:

  1. Schedule a consultation with a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) consultant. It is now a standard in evaluating whether your building is up to speed in creating a carbon footprint.  A certified person will check your whole house and help you make more eco-friendly decisions about your homestead.  It is crucial to look for sustainable ideas to help conserve energy and resources for the future of humanity but also for the greater good of the person.
  2. Install solar panels.
  3. Use LED light bulbs.
  4. Install or replace roofing with light-colored tile roofing. It outperforms the shingle ones when it comes to decreasing temperatures.
  5. Make sure new faucets, sinks, tubs, shower, toilets, hot water heaters are free from leaks.
  6. Consider bamboo flooring. The newest bamboo flooring that has come such a long way since it found its way into popular American culture.  The bamboo hardwood floors are very sustainable because bamboo grows very fast and is harvested and regenerated without leaving much of a carbon footprint.  Not to mention that some bamboo can now actually looks like common hardwood floors such as oak or pine.
  7. Replace your outdoor lighting with motion detector lights.
  8. Use bio plastics and other bio materials. The advancements in materials science are allowing us to take renewable resources such soybeans, sugar cane, hemp, and soybeans and turn them into construction products.
  9. User alternative insulation made from recycled newspaper, blue jeans, plastic, or wool.
  10. Use these types of paint: low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint, no VOC paint, natural paint, non-toxic stain.
  11. Use caulks and adhesives made from soy or low VOC.

Some of these products are a bit more expensive or harder to find but it’s worth it.  I believe that, as we continue to invest time and energy into advancing these ideas, one day we will see buildings as high as the empire state building made from eco-friendly materials.

Next time you decide to upgrade your home, think about the choices you make and how it can impact our beautify and amazing earth.

Dr. Andrew Kender
April 1, 2015

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