2015 Moderation Guide


Moderation2015 Moderation Guide

As we further our journey in the 2015 calendar year, I feel it is important to remind those who don’t already do so, to “Stop and smell the roses!!”

The word moderation itself can mean so much to so many.  I personally believe that the word moderation can apply to all aspects of life.  Whether it is the food we choose to eat or the activities in which we choose to engage on a daily basis, moderation must play a role.

Remember the song by Harry Chapin, “The Cats in the Cradle?”  If you don’t, you need to check it out.  The song speaks of a man who is always too busy in life to enjoy the beauty and grace of his family, especially his son.  The man progresses through life without ever paying attention to the most precious things in life and in the end wants to make peace with the things that are lost, but it is too late.  The son has moved on without his father.  You are left pondering the grim reminder that we are all only here for such a short time and that it is not worth missing the day-to-day gifts that we have.  This song is a powerful reminder to myself each time I hear it to moderate the time I spend stressing  about getting every little thing done, thinking that once I’m done with everything, then I will be happy. When, in a true sense, it makes me happier to sometimes blow off that chore the “needs to be done” and play with my son or go on a hike with my wife.  Next time you choose something that didn’t really need done over your precious friends, family or other important people in your life, STOP!!  Smell the Roses!!

“If you have found honey, eat only enough for you, lest you have your fill and vomit it.” Proverbs 25:16 ESV.  The Bible speaks of moderation in many passages throughout.  This reference to the way we eat is a powerful message passed on through the age of time.  I often must remind myself that moderation is not only healthy for the food lifestyle I choose, but also for the greater good of humanity.  If I choose to be gluttonous in the ways that I eat, does this not take from the mouths that are hungry?? Does it make me less of a humanitarian??  I am not here to answer those questions for you, but to provoke thought into the choices you make each day.

“The quality of being moderate, restraint, avoidance of extremes or excess, temperance” is how www.dictionary.com defines the word moderation.  The website also classifies the word as a noun but I think we need to treat the word like a verb in 2015.  Let’s put moderation into action in how we think and act throughout this wonderful year.

Remember…”Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is the present and that’s why it is a gift.”  Enjoy the day! Try to find the good hiding in the bad and moderate your attitude into a positive force!!

Dr. Andrew Kender III
March 13, 2015

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